(Headless has been donated) Will be donating a headless head, give me a good reason in the comments why it should be given to you

as stated above, those exempt from this are those with more than 4 headless heads so if you have that much ur not eligible for this, anyhow explain why it should be you :slight_smile:

Because I don’t have one and because my guild is gonna be deleted. :sob: and you know me (:

I don’t know if there really is a good reason besides not having it but I should have it nonetheless

i am broke as hell and i need the headless to pay my debt to the mafia

I like potatoes

Give this man a headless now, I’ve never seen such emotion and pride put into an answer like that

i gave away a headless to my friend to reward them for their dedication towards me and my guild

No i will be ive already redonated 3 headless heads, im quitting wom for good bro, however none of these are really good reasons imo as of now, so ill wait before making a decision regarding my 4th one

who are u talking to


Why tho

Donate to Obama. Because he is Obama.


or me so I stop calling u fat :troll:

You should give it to me because nobody else is giving you any good reasons.

You should give it to me because my cousin is desperate for one and I want to repay her for helping me before

So potatoes are not a good reasson? You are spitting on Sasha Brauses grave

Potatoes are great, but enough people have lost their heads over them.

Tbh, the real reason why I think I should have it is because I really wanted a headless head the time I heard you could’ve got one and I missed out. After I heard it’s worth a lot I thought I could never get one. It would be nice to get a free headless head. It would really make my day. And if you choose to give me it then I thank you a lot.

u kinda got a lil late.

My friend has headless, and if I got it, we would be headless buddies!