Heavy weapons/magics/knockback should strain blocking (+block-break punishment)


Give physically heavy magics, such as earth or metal, and knockback-heavy magics, like wind or explosion, a block-strain multiplier
Give weapons that are heavy, like clubs, a block-strain multiplier.
Add a certain amount of block-strain for every point of knockback from armor or equipment.

Add these stats together for the total amount of block-strain for any attack.

When an attack hits a block of any type, multiply the amount of stamina/magic drain by the block-strain.

When a block is broken, the target experiences a penalty. For stamina-based blocks, the target cannot sprint or high jump until stamina reaches 25%, and extra damage is done to the shield, if they have one. For magic-based blocks, the target cannot use or charge magic for 5 seconds, and your mana stores are locked at 0. In all cases, they take an extra burst of knockback (calculated by amount of strain taken since the block was initialized).

Ideally, the threshold for the penalty would be fairly low, as to make blocking tactical investment of sorts; you put your available stamina/magic on the table to nullify an attack. If you don’t have enough, you fail and get punished.


Blocking is a catch-all solution to any damage that you might risk in combat. You nullify knockback, status effects, and basically anything else they can directly throw at you. It doesn’t matter that you’re capable of yeeting them across the map on a whim, they block, it fails.

Not to mention the fact that the knockback stat is functionally useless. A sunken piece with a forceful enchant is next to worthless. Min-maxing knockback is a meme; this way, there would be a use for it. Also, melee combat gets an extra bit of added depth: pursue armor, destruction, or knockback.

mfw when buff wind and metal more


No pls bro my shields have been breaking a lot more recently.

Honestly, heavy magics are fine the way they are. Being able to break blocks is quite a monstrous buff to be honest with you.

Although the best thing I can think of is reducing the percentage blocked by certain magics say metal nullifies 10% of the blocking stat. But this would be a little tough to balance imo.


I’d rather have some sort of posture system where if you block/perfect block too much, your block breaks and leaves you vulnerable. You shouldn’t be able to consistently block and negate a good amount of damage everytime, as it drags out fights for too long. Definitely shouldn’t be restricted to certain weapons or magics as everyone would always go a certain combo.


So something like some sort of invisible posture value. Say the value starts at 100. Each perfect block would reduce that value by 20 for example and normal blocks reduce it by say 10.

Once the value reaches zero, it would tell you that your block has broken which could be seen with a debuff icon of a broken shield. During this period of time I would assume that you would take normal damage when blocking, once the posture meter goes back to 100 it could be indicated by a glint I guess hehe.

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