Hecto's inescapable purgatory of doodles (every time this gets bumped I made new art)

Finished result of an idea I had


hey @Meta @liu can you delete one of these? i accidentally double posted somehow

nvm I deleted it myself just delete the other post that says “delete please” :3

who needs visors anyways smh

alright I’m turning this into where I post my doodles.

Machine Furry?

I guess so-ish

it’s not a furry if theres no fur so its a “metally”

not another one

Hecto? Like the noodle guy?


hecto is short for hectopopobro

my roblox character

made a dope redesign for drazen (the defunct synth protogen terminator fork ramen bowl i dont fuking know help) robot.

will post it when I can

Watched a 15min vid on perspective drawing and made this lol


Feel like I should have made the bent leg a bit higher up for more action idk

Should I draw more later?

quiet damn


This stuff is some of the most recent pages I’ve managed to create and yeah.

My arts changed a lot too


Btw v2 head is the reason I need kobold head reference at different angles

how come other people art projects do so well and mines sitting in the mud

this post makes me sad tbh

but alas I’ll still use it to share art

eh you need time to build up followers.
dont give up, remember that even bnt started out slow

I would follow you but I have it on replies and considering your activity my computer would proably blow up

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