Helios WOM Guild

Guild Name: Helios
Guild Status: Light
Guild Owner: experpedman

We are Helios once was a dominating clan in AA and wish to dominate in WOM too. We are a
serious fighting Guild and are main focus is bringing down bad rep Guilds and to become known in WOM that people would fear us.
We are looking for people to fill our ranks for divisions so quickly join

Division 1

This is a serious division that fights on the front lines against the bad reps and opposing guilds. You must be either good or decent at pvp to join this division as weak will not be tolerated.

Division 2

This division is a mixture of everything but mainly looting and infamy grinding.You will also need to be decent at pvp as this division will need it to get infamy. Division 2 will be the main source of our guild items and guild bank.

Division 3

This division are the helpers of our guild
In Division 3 your purpose is to help new members become better players in both PVP, infamy farming, Item grinding and recruiting new players. By contributing to the guild it will help us come out on top and become the best guild in WoM. This division will also be in charge of hosting events and trainings if necessary.

So will you help the Sun emperor

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