Hello again!

Anyone remember me? i came back after like 1 - 2 years lmao
just passing by anything new?

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Vet needed a break for the weekend but other than that nothing has really happened besides a few showcases here and there


yeah saw them all i am now more hyped about ao

Welcome back! :clap:

Not much on the forums, AO is getting close though. In about a month the game will finally be out and hopefully this place will be alive again

if i remember i used to be a regular or something like that?

yeah maybe then i will be active again lmao

Yeah, regular is lost after a couple months of inactivity (or not liking and reading enough posts) and takes a couple months to get back


welcome back

in terms of ao development? quite a lot, the game is looking a lot more finished and has a definitive release time of mid-late february, in terms of the forum a few people have come and gone but the people who were active 8 months ago are still active now for the most part

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Hi babe

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Hello there old chum

quite a lot has happened since you left

we got some gameplay vids of AO

and some shenanigans on the forums


New stuff going down

  • Release date Feb. possibly
  • More banned people and from in-game :skull:
  • Good progression
  • Drama that happened with guilds
  • Website changes
  • Slightly more activity but still dead


This includes one person you may not have… Lets say fond memories of.

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Welcome back!


all of them kinda sucked

ezia I think

nah its hermprotege, there is probably somebody else aque doesn’t like but ehh

bruh :skull: this guy STINKS!!!