Hello guys

it is I tuna and I have returned to take back the throne. Arkane odysea is my favorit game and I will become empror of ocean. thank. sorry for bad grammar English is not first language


hope you become emperor of the ocean in your favourite game! good luck!

@fish you have an enemy
@Mako eat this man

I refuse to allow you to take the position of Emperor of the Ocean!!!

and thus the legendary battle of cat food begins

There are too many forumers with cat pfps :frcryin:

we food pfps need to band together against the cats

@Ninjarokspell5 vs @MrTuna
who winnin :thinking:

Four fish accounts, who will be the emperor of the sea

don’t mind me wanting to be the monarch just sitting in the corner haha

mine now, I’m official edgegod

ignore this ezia figure for the sake of your mental health and braincells

We are together , at same place.

does sparky count as a fish despite being an eel

I’ve got bait on my luring bronze rod with your name on it, buddy.

@SparkySalmon_iuayo i need answers

I’m a sea dragon. I’ll eat @MrTuna, @fish, @FishFromPhobos, @Mako, and @SparkySalmon_iuayo

Spare us please, we’re just fish

mmmmmm give me shiny trinkets and I’ll spare you.

I’ll protect you with my shonen anime protagonist cracked out magic powers