Hello! I'm new to the game

I just started playing WOM and heard about the forums, got any tips for a new player like me?

not really but I can help you level up

Hello, welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay here!

Don’t have a life. Once that step is crossed the rest is EZ.

Also before trading please check this out

Also this might help in combat

if you wanna find the regulars of the fiorums go to off topic the cool peple are at off topic

heya, welcome

i mean, wait for AO?

welcome to the forums!

I’d suggest reading some of the stuff in Game Discussion, there’s a lot of useful information there.

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If you want tips read stuff in the #game-discussion category like @spherical said and if you want to go an extra step further and become involved in pvp then go to the #game-discussion:pvp sub category for a lot of movement / meta tips. Overall, welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy yourself :slight_smile:

(As a side note, don’t join a guild unless you want to, a lot will try to persuade you but if you join the wrong guild people might start to hate you.)

Have fun! :>

Heya! welcome to the forums! here is a cookie!

You ran out of pies?

explosion is best


Welcome to the forums!

wowo how mind blowing

Yes I know

yeah bro i feel ya i have explosion

I forgot you explsoin man

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Explosin is underrated Tbh i thought i was only explsoin mans