Hello there, Name's Srtolertus2

Hi there, my name is Srtolertus2, aka Lucas Lamina on World of Magic!

I have been around since late 2018 in a dif acc and still is here today on a dif one.

My magic in World of Magic is Fire, and i am also a high rank hero (max positive reputation).
I also am in 2 World of Magic guilds, which are:

Proternum and Order of Isao.

I also do a lot of other stuff outside of world of magic, and here are some of them:

I commonly talk on Discord every day, i like to play RPGs, i watch KonnekoKitten and Optimus, and i also like Undertale.

I also am a Regular in the Vesteria forums, which is a forum for the game known as Vesteria.

And i think thats all, thanks for tuning in here!

Hello Strolertus, nice to meet you.
Your post looked like it needs some interaction. Have a wonderful day.

aww, thanks!
you also have a good ol day!

When the game glitches out and you lose all reputation on some bs :cry:

Thank you very much.
It’s 1am and I’m on a kids Lego game forum, send help :frcryin:

Ha! You’re not alone.

h e l p h i m , h e i s y o u r f r i e n d .