Here's a guy grilling using fire magic


i could never get on your level of art

Where hat begin and hair end?

other dimension

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practice all the time, draw on your homework, and dont get discouraged for sucking ass (because you WILL suck ass, everyone does at the start)

Don’t vaporize the cook with Inferno

Oh nah i was 100% joking i have no interest in being good at the pencil on paper

Everybody’s arguing

“Grand Navy is good!” “Grand Navy is bad!”

Man… I just wanna grill

grill the meat worm.

I would never.

Plot twist, it’s all hair

if he added different types of wood he could smoke his meat to get new flavors :wood_magic_var3: :fire_magic: :drooling_face:

That just his way of suggesting grilling on AO without mods taking the post down