Hero gets trashbagged

So, I was just minding my own business in WoM, on my file Adjutori Grey Level 79, wind magic(on my own computer)

Then all of the sudden this trash hero named Rae Water comes up and ganks me. I was just grinding, fighting some Magic Council dudes, when he beam spams me and I almost die.
I said it was an accident to get him off my back, and he left me alone.

Then, I meet him again in Ironport, where he beam spams me and I have to hide in the trees.
I tell him to stay in the server because im coming back to turn him into that unfortunate girl in the machine.

I rejoin on my Reginald Lamina(on my moms computer) file and kill him 4 times in a row without dying. Most of his damage came from using placed and beam explosions. Then, I leave promptly after telling him how ez he was to kill on equal grounds.

Rae Water probably got those 5 kills from low level villains lol

I dont have a screenshot of me beating him up because that was on my moms computer, but heres when we first met:

Leo Water is my witness, he saw me kill Rae Water 3 times.

Moral of the story: dont kill low level villain files, its scummy and theres no point. If your going to RK, RK level 90s. Plus, you never know if that villain file is their main.

dont send hate to them

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yea one time this guy tried to rk me when i was fishing, but i was too fast and ran away

why didnt you fight back
unless you were low level then it makes sense

I will simply kill whoever I see. Regardless of level or reputation
Nobody is safe

me personally, i wouldnt have lost at 76

you think you can win at level 79 with 5 fps and 300 ping?

that guy did about 92 dmg with his beams

i wouldnt be getting 5 fps

is he a poison user?


of course, how could i assume any hero would use anything but plasma

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lol i was expecting shadow when he ran up to me

if it was shadow he’d be an edgy tyrant
heros who gank villains exclusively use blue lightning, moonlight or pink plasma

dont forget fire
also yeah he was using pink plasma lol

time to gank :sleeping:

record i wanna watch

i shoulda recorded my fight but its not my computer and my mom wouldnt like it if i posted a vid on her computer

awh he’s not on wom :pensive:

add him to our KOS >:)
i think he rage quit when i killed him, but i left after the 4th time

Ain’t no way you talked about the machine :sob:

huh i wonder who it was, probably a infamy thirsty kid killing anyone for infamy to get his guild to rookie

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ill kill u 5 times for killing him smh,