Hi people

hi what do i here on the arcane odyssey forums :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


You can chat with others I guess.
That’s it other than the top suggestion by members:

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Welcome to the forums. Leave while you still can


Not touch grass

Welcome, bro. Rayhan already said what to do. But I should warn you: forum can radically change your life. But most of the people here are gud guys

Hi lol

Extreme exaggeration

Anyway hi

Hello and welcome to the forums, don’t worry if this post suddenly gets 50 replies, these people really like their random welcoming rituals

heellllllllooo hello!

Welcome to the forum! I give gifts to (nearly) every new forumer! and well, you’re a forumer. you’re new. and I still give gifts, sooooo

Think of whatever you want me to gift you. and I’ll make a bad cropped image of it!

Ok, without “radically”