Hitting your own attack with an attack of a different element should increase its damage

All credit goes to vitorgue for this suggestion.
Inspired by this post:

Essentially, if you use an attack of one element, then hit it with an attack of another element, the damage should be increased. This would only work for certain combinations of elements, such as Lightning + Metal, Lightning + Water, Fire + Poison, etc.

As an example, imagine you cast a metal blast. While the blast is moving in mid-air, you hit it with a lightning beam. The metal blast is now electrified, and will deal more damage and can paralyse if it deals ??? percentage of the target’s health.

I created an animation because I heard those were popular now a’days. Ignore the searchbar and taskbar.

Bikbok also had the idea of being able to hit an earth blast with a fire attack to turn it into a meteor, with the impact damage of earth but the DOT of fire.

Admittedly, this would rarely come up in PvP because of how difficult it is to pull off. It might not be worth the effort that would be required to implement it. But, I think it is interesting nonetheless.

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Hmmmmm, clashing would be interesting hehe.

This might already be a thing.
I’m pretty sure some interactions (like Lightning or a hot magic hitting an Iron blast) have special effects like this - though it’s more flavour than anything else, I don’t know how it works with clashing, and I’m not sure it’s possible to do it to your own blasts.

idk if you can even clash with your own blasts
how does clashing work
why has the game been out for over 6 months and we don’t know whether Blast/Blast clashes use the Clash Attack or Clash Defense multiplier

I mean, we also discussed on the same post about how useless that feature would be so…
Like it’s pretty obvious why, I probably don’t need to explain

Imagine how hard it’s going to be when using metal. Now imagine that but with a blast twice as fast (water, poison, fire from the suggested examples) or even worse if you use lightning first

Can’t self-clash and yes you can combine metal and lightning/plasma/fire but it deals more AoE rather than more damage.

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On every topic about magic interactions, you have all of the knowledge on everything.

From my experience it seems to also increase clash power/decrease less clash power than it’s suppose to but that might just be me

i’m not sure about increase but I think clashes will generally decrease clash power since clashes make attacks smaller. Since these metal interactions increase the AoE (and possibly the size of the blast hitbox but I seen it from a bug so idk) they might affect clash power but I do not have much evidence to support this.

It doesnt

in all seriousness tho, you almost never clash with someone in pvp because of the clientside glitch

Maybe a lost spell that allows you to use two magics in one blast/beam?

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