HOTFIX: Put restrictions on Codes

Crowns are super inflated because people just create a bunch of alts and use Alchemy200 and WarAges300 and get 500 crowns per profile, which takes no time at all.

Either put account age or level restrictions on Codes!!!

Its breaking the economy!!!

yes :ok_hand:t2:

Wow, I’m surprised that Vetex didn’t predict this

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i mean…

there’s not much we can do about this unless we shut down trading or we do something about tracking IP addresses which would be creepy and probably wouldn’t work against people with VPNs.

Like I said just add an age or level requirement for using a code

then it’d hinder the newer players…

of course the simple fix is grinding but that’s annoying

even then you got those hardcore grinders who’ll just grind 20 alts to the level requirement…

It wont affect those hardcore grinders because grinding to lvl 20 is slower than getting 500 crowns normally.

And there are always other alternatives like putting an acc age requirement

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An account age requirement definitely seems better honestly…

Like an age of 1-3 hours?

More like a day lol

It’s completely trivial to just pre-make accounts and have them all wait out the timer.
This suggestion has come up before (Account age requirement for codes), but even if the account age requirement is 2 months, I can make a bunch of accounts now and then in two months they’re all eligable for every code.

Level 20 account requirement (or 1 hour playtime) is a better option, since you can only make one account eligable at a time.
In the long term, vetex should probably stop giving out crowns in codes. If there’s 32 codes on TGR release and half our codes are crowns, it’s going to be possible to fill an entire guild bank every time you make an account. No requirement is going to make that ineffective.

exactly, there’s no real solution to this

all other solutions can easily be outwaited

unless you made the account age over 2 months which is just a drag for beginners

We don’t need a solution that can’t be outwaited - we just need a solution that makes waiting it out not worth the bother.

So long as vetex doesn’t go nuts and add enough codes to get several thousand crowns per alt, level 20 or 1 hour playtime will work fine (and even then it can just be increased a bit).
You can get more crowns from boss farming than from training alts up to level 20 for a 500 crown reward.

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or ya know get rid of the crown reward all together and just add crown multipliers…

it’d give them the incentive to grind while not being overpowered considering alts

(course…there’s the alt grinding crowns and all that jazz)

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that works but i mean there’s no real need to take it out if they just add the fix nobanana and doublerun were suggesting.

well yeah, there’s no perfect solution…

i guess but the level 20 one is like pretty fine,

the only drawback like u mentioned is that it sucks for level 20 players but i mean, they probably wouldn’t know the code either way unless they had other main accounts (which means they already redeemed the code so it ends up all fair and square).

ngl that’s true. if you’re a new player and are playing WOM you probably have no idea how the menu works etc.

just start using arrows or smth. its wont break the economy if the trading currency is different. plus i BARELY see people actually accepts crown trade, most want smoke arrows, arrows and fish bait

codes can expire

Me who possibly has multiple alts that are possibly years old:

Yes, you go do that