How about the ability to cook since they are adding hunger and saturation eventually?

They are adding materials too, which is epic, just find a camp fire (Which already exists) boom!
delicious mushrooms, that give you a small boost in def or str? (mushrooms also already in the game but theres no interaction)


probably already planned, considering we have professions and food items coming up.

that curry system from pokemon sw/sh comes to mind

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already planned


already planned dude, theres a trello

can’t wait to cook those bandits

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Me and the bois hunting people’s horses down to cook them for the best meal in existence. :sleeper:

As long as they don’t add Hearty Durians

where did you get that from? I want to see the list of updates vetex is adding to the game but I don’t know where to find the list. I know they usually post them on Twitter but I was wondering if there are any more sources. Thanks.

He got it from the trello

World of Magic Trello

thanks for telling me