How are ya gonna use the Cute Animation Pack

  • Ironically
  • Unironically
  • Hell no

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i’d use it ironically if i didn’t have to pay for it


sounds of the poor

gotta make cute anime girls tho :flushed:

no wonder mim supports rking

they’re insane

Exactly, I can’t

and dragon still hate on lightning on 11/09/2020

Do you mean that as he’s insane for hating lightning or that you hate lightning and he doesn’t?

Fuck Lightning

he is insane for hating lightning on 11/09/2020

fuck meta(magic)

Lmao. No, Lightning is insanely overused and isn’t particularly bad but people still sometimes bitch about it. That’s why it’s hated.

fuck people

I mean yeah, but fuck lightning first and foremost since most people use it

fuck fuck lightning

yeah, fuck lightning

ok im going stop or i gonna get flagged because off topic

fuck flags


id use it but tbh vetex should allow u to mix and match animations. cus the boss charge up animation is really cool, and but the boss idle doesnt really match me.

So over half of you guys are gonna use it?


The E-girls strike back


I have had zero bobux for my 6-5 years on Roblox and it will stay that way