How did you guys finish the easter event?

I’ve just finished the easter event today, with the shark egg being my last egg. I’ve been struggling with this since I’ve had bad luck with sharks and them dropping the egg. But magically this morning I must have had a shark attraction potion because I was getting swarmed with sharks…

Which ended up being how I got my last egg, by being eaten by a shark -v-

What was your last egg, and how did you obtain it?

My last egg was the canon egg.
RNG update not fun

event was pretty cool, finished with treasure chart because shark drop came earlier. more annoyed about the new update causing the sharkocalypse and afraid my legally obtained pre-update poison tooth dagger will get wiped

My last one was the treasure chart egg
Now I understand Misinput’s pain with that one ravenna quest

the last one was the combat egg, but its not that hard cuz i just paid someone a sunken to spawnkill him til i get the egg

uhhh you sure you dont need any more of them combat eggs?

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Wow, you should have killed him a bunch more times if you paid a sunken >->

my last egg will be the cirrus one

I still need to get the PVP egg

Last egg was the bronze egg.

I was going to be able to get an asteroid egg that fell right in front of me but my friend stole it first.

I finished the event by having someone let me bounty hunt them so I could get the egg from bounty hunting. The event was fun I liked that it didn’t change how the world looked too much just some cherry blossom trees here and there which was a nice touch.
Also side note there are way too many sharks in the game rn. I went to frostmill,fell in the water once and got jumped by 10 sharks.

my last two eggs were shark and asteroid.

I get the shark egg after killing a megalodon that was afk (after killing like 50 sharks with spec)

then 4 minutes later I see the asteroid egg drop

My last egg was the mount Othrys one, I planned to get that one last so yea lol, it was pretty fun to gather the eggs (except the Bounty hunting one since every person I tried to hunt either left before I reached them or got arrested before I reached them, ended up paying someone 300 galleons to let me Bounty hunt em to get it, still pretty fun event anyways)

Still need the asteroid egg, it’s been avoiding me for too long

Yesterday when I was looking for diving points to get sealeds from, an asteroid egg fell into the sea right behind me

I saw its red trail dissipate right behind my caravel

Still need shark egg, then ill start on file two (Hopefully I can level up file 3 before event ends, Ive been procrastinating like crazy)


i think ive been hunting eggs for around a total of 3 hours, only have asteroid and cannon left. now that i can use my pc ill be farming ships while on max graphics for the last 2

so you need one?

my last was treasure chart which was pain

i still dont get how anyone found this remotely hard to get, to the point of needing to give someone a sunken for it? not even trying to be an ass about it, i just look for edgy/cringy guilds and 99% of the time theyre a free kill assuming they dont run in the ocean