How do arcanium wepons work and are they available on release?

Are they there own wepon? Or are the made from other wepons? Sunken arcanium wepons?

Iirc they are weapons made from a special metal that can conduct magic easily, allowing them to channel magic through them.

Normal weapons can be turned into arcanium weapons (again iirc)

Sunkens are more like enchanted weapons and not really arcanium. It is a specific metal and what makes arcanium weapons arcanium.

There’s 3 different types of what I’d call “magical” weapons. First there’s the auto-imbued (not what they’re actually called), which would be like the SS and poison-tooth daggers. They give magic status effects such as soaked and poisoned on their own, but can be further magic imbued after awakenings. Then there’s regular magic-imbued, and arcanium weapons. We don’t know exactly how they work yet, but it sounds like arcanium weapons have to be made using arcanium and cast spells with DIFFERENT STATS based on the type of weapon. Like I think arcanium bow = fast but small hitbox or something was an example. The regular magic-imbued weapons just cast your same spells from a weapon instead of the magic slot.


Are you talking about the Conjurer awakening for this?

i think so

Magic Infused weapons (Even AA had those, for example Dead Revival stuff and Theos’ stuff, they were heavily infused with certain magic and became like that)

Arcanium weapons will have 2 options:

  • Vanity magic casting (casting magic with weapos, all 8 spells can be done that, and there’s no penalities or pros)
  • Arcanium casting (you can take one of your spell and alter it depending on weapon you using ti on. Hammers - larger aoe, Bows - faster projectile etc.)
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Conjurer awakening ability doesn’t involve casting spells, you would imbue the weapon with an element to change the status effect, weapon stats and visual effects of the weapon