How do I cancel my jail timer?

When I escape from jail, the timer keeps going, and when it hits zero, my whole bounty gets removed. I want to avoid this.

…Like you want to reduce your rep from surrendering but not lose your bounty?

nah man i’m just breaking out and i wanna keep my bounty, i never surrendered

I mean usually the timer doesn’t do anything if a player breaks your handcuffs, but if you escape the jail while still having handcuffs and nobody removes them before it reaches 0 then the game acts like if you stayed in jail the entire time and teleport you like usual while removing your bounty.

…So just ask someone to attack you. The problem is that destruction is gone so you will most likely have to reset or rejoin to escape the jail if you lost your handcuffs.

if someone breaks you out of jail and removes your handcuffs when the jail timer reaches 0 your bounty still gets removed. it’s annoying since most people that wanna get broken out of jail want to keep their bounty instead of having it disappear.

I have my cuffs removed, i’m no where close to a camp or the silent tower, and my bounty still gets cleared.

…Alright I didn’t know that, guess I can’t help