How do we know sunkens will go to lvl 1000?

How do we know sunken items will go to level 1000?

I wonder if this means Sunkens are level 96, or whatever the max is in game rn.

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What made him change his mind i wonder, i think for the average player sunken gear is already almost impossible but anyone who wants it enough can get it eventually which really fits vetex new endgame philosophy

Either way im happy it mean’s whatever effort i putt in now wont be outclassed by lvl 800 common bandit gear later

Where in the trello does it say that?


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its only in intervals of 10 for now so the cap would be 90

sunken gear is pretty fucking easy to get, and there’s even sunken pity now

Lack of perspective, most people dont fish more then 100 times, its only easy if your willing to spend the better half of a day or more to fishing which the casual player just wont do


not even a day needed specifically for it, I’m pretty sure sunken pity saves

You can fish 3000 times in a day?

you can fish 3000 times in the time you play AO

A clean sunken helm isn’t the end all be all, in order to get a full set including the sword all with good enchantments… lets just say there won’t be people using a full powerful sunken set with a strong sword in every server

if someone wants it they could get it within a month, you could catch enough for pity in like 8 hours max if you really have no life

And we come full circle if you really have no life
The casual player doesn’t min max like that, the casual player makes up over 90% of the game, sunken is there for anyone who wants it enough like everything even legendaries and ancients but because most people wont do it most people wont have it and that makes something rare

its “rare” sure, but if someone does something like try to fill some of the fish book, they will on accident fish up a couple of sunkens (also strong sunken set is actually a bad set)

Wym its a bad set

Fishing 100 fish a day isnt that hard and enchantment scrolls will be out so getting a good enchant may not be difficult and also there are going to be armour sets that come out that will outclass it

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no. all gear is only lvl 90 still. Items level up in 10s. 1->10->20->30 and so on until they can’t level up anymore.