How do you guys feel about sand magic


When I chose sand on my first slot, it really disappointed me because Sand turned out to be a solid magic. I assumed it would be like wind, where its attack would blow sand around creating miniature sandstorms. But unfortunately, sand magic instead makes you conjure tan bowling balls into existance.

Besides that, it has some pretty decent interactions though which I like.
How do you guys feel about sand?

i think it’s ok, it has good speed and good impact damage

Pretty decent looking magic but the sound is n o

it’s coarse, rough and irritating.

also it makes massive piles of sand

I never tested it before but I like the idea of it. It’s also visual lacking.

Its snow magic but worse. Because snow looks better than sand.

It’s the most “meh” magic out there

i wish snow was better.
snow’s interactions are worse, and iirc the blind is worse.

damn it, I wanted to do the thing…

It can blind you so much even with sunglasses

Lol beat ya to it

Barely tested it, I stopped as soon as I saw it literally has like 3 synonyms.

Very balanced and cool. Although it is a support magic, so not very viable now. Personally I think it looks awesome. A solid blast with particles trailing is very satisfying, and the explosions look great.

As someone who did try out sand…it’s pretty decent. Probably one of the most well rounded magic.

Average speed,impact damage on par with crystal,piles that you could use for crude makeshift building and just to have fun with and a good status effect for synergy with lightning and bleed.

Don’t forget the blinding it does. Any magic that blinds messes me up badly. Sand blind lasts longer than light too

Oh also, sand and snow definitely need actual interactions with their piles.
Not to be good or especially useful, just to give them a purpose.

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Explosions done on the piles could blind people

Yeah that’s what I wanted for something like wind.

It’s a pretty solid choice, though not so viable at the moment. Sand is very supportive and pairs well with all heat based magics (if I’m not wrong) and in my opinion a better option than water for lightning as your second.

I should note, it is actually preeetty great for team fights if you like to be the support class in your guild.