How does one get TL4 without speaking in the most used category

@NoBanana Answer me rn

He is nerd

The original reason I made this account was actually so I could mute #off-topic (and a few others like #guilds and #marketplace).

Aside from threads occasionally getting moved here (and people pinging me), I haven’t read anything in this category either.


…TL 4 is attainable?


TL4 is like when Pucci achieves heaven. With the mod power they instantly abuse and reset the forum with their godlike power. So yes… with a stand named [C-REGULAR] and a Vetex’s Diary, you can attain Heaven

Ah yes the 3 forum stands
「Made In Leader」

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Oh so you have an alt?

no it means they didn’t have an account and they made one to mute the topic

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what is going on with you?

Dammit, not again, @Srtolertus, you know what to do

the bruh
well, guess i gotta do my job again.
so, uuh, yeah… COME WITH ME.


I made you take this instead of me

I skipped to the end to reach unreads faster, and then I see this.
So uh… First of all, why is this here?
Second, how does this contribute to anything?

damn i think you gotta call the police, he kidnapped a small girl

Actually wait, wouldn’t Flare be guilty because he forced him to commit a crime?