How does skill creation for fighting styles work?

I’m assuming the crash skill is a regular melee and the grab is that punch flurry skill, but what is the shot skill? Is it a throwing attack or do you just punch the air and it makes a projectile?

Also how will cannon fist work? Does it have its own skills or does it replace its shot skill with a cannonball?

Also is it just those 3 for fighting styles or will there be 4 base techniques like for mages

probably like skill creation for magic spells.

its the same as magic. they have 6 skills: crash, smash, shot, rushdown, focus, and airstep.
you create the skills just like how you create magic ones.
crash is a leap into an explosion.
smash is just a self explosion, but you can also slam down.
shot is a beam
rushdown is a grab; a barrage of punches
focus is the same as aura
airstep is the same as high jump

all fighting styles use the same base spells. the only difference is in visuals, like cannon fists shot throwing a cannonball instead lf just being a shockwave projectile.

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also stats, like iron leg has super big aoe and high damage but its a bit slower/shorter range than other fstyles

or completely unique things like thermo fist having a heat bar for spamming m1s/attacks or sailor style’s seawater bar

That’s not just a visual change. The crash technique brings your hitbox (and by extension you) along with it while Cannon Fist can allow the user to use Crash while distancing themselves from the attack. You might be able to punish a Thermo Fist user for using Crash to get next to you but you can’t punish a Cannon Fist user that way.

But yeah for the most part it is visual. Rush down of boxing will only involve punches while Iron Leg will probably only be kicks but there will be some functionality differences between each fighting style.

psure thats not how cannonfist crash works tho, if fighting styles are anything like magic then its all only visual changes
also i meant by the shot technique

Really? I always figured that’s how it was. The Fighting Style is pretty much just about throwing cannon balls. Hm.

fighting styles change pretty dramatically between all of them, like how thermo fist has faster windup, sailor fist is different, etc.

very sure you throw shit instead of rushing down with cannon fist

startup is just stats, magics have them too.
the only things that throw cannonballs (i think) would be the m1s and shot.

thats not a big change

making a mobilty move a projectile pretty much makes it an entirely new spell, and by technique creation they should all have the same movements.