How does the market place work?

I was wondering how the market place works in the forum. Do you tell your Roblox name and get into the game and do trading there or does the trading work through the forum? Please help.

<make post>

<put what you want to trade in said post (put your roblox username or discord tag in it)>
[title: lf (looking for)/selling [item] for [item]
[roblox username/discord tag here]

<wait for a response from either a person wanting to do your trade or giving you trading advice if it doesn’t conform to the bizarre standards of wom trading values>


– common items/crowns are USELESS in trading (on the forums)
– values get confusing most of the time for a non-trader so you should ask for advice if ever you’ve been wronged with what you’re offering
– most trades here are either meta sets or boss drop bartering
– DON’T disagree with verified traders
– DON’T act like a dickwad in front of everybody


Yeaaaah what julie said way too damn long so in short:

  • State what you are looking for in the title and in the topic, and what you’re offering only in the topic itself
  • Put your roblox in-game name (necessary to trade, even if you put ign on your bio thing people will still not know) and optionally discord tag (not needed, but no harm to add)

And yeah that’s it, when it comes to how you actually trade you hop into a server click on the “warp” button and you should see at the bottom a space where you can type someone’s username, just plop in a username then boom.

Just realized what julie said wasn’t that long but eh too lazy to change this

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  1. Somebody makes a deal
  2. Another person complains about it
  3. They start a 70 comment argument about a Roblox game
  4. Nobody trades anything

I disagree with verified traders sometimes , and ive been right before

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