How good is your eye vision?

Me who can zoom in:


I have the superpower of blurring my vision as well as focusing afar and close

Terrible! Thanks for asking.

I actually have a pair of glasses that I never use.

enough to spot a trigno post from 25,000,000 miles away

Pretty shit tbh

I could read all of them but I have a fairly large monitor and most people here have a phone.

My vision is shit to the point that I have to squint my eyes (with glasses, btw) to make out the subtitles on the TV shows

Wow, that’s pretty bad. Maybe you should get glasses for your glasses

idk man…

Seems kinda big to me

very shit without glasses. (bro even the 20/200 E is fucking blurred into some other letter)

Left is kinda fcked right is slightly below average
With that image and my furthest arm range: left: fcking none, right is 7, without glasses, ofc

9 looking at this from a meter away on my ipad

I have to wear glasses so it’s not very good without