How has headless been growing lately in conjunction to sunkens value wise?

I’m only asking this because I haven’t been here for the past three months. When I looked over the forums, not much was being said about boss drops, sunkens or headless lately. So what’s going on?

dunno if I can even ping Headless to ask him due to being scared to be banned but I doubt he’s growing at least in conjunction with a virtual item


People are hogging them like crazy rn, even people offering good ass deals like 2 hard sunken armour pieces + like 3 good ench sunken armour pieces aren’t getting accepted, in the words of shitinput: “headless drought”

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Everybody willing to trade headlesses for short term profit probably already has by now.
Everybody else is going to hold them until they feel like cashing in.

I don’t think sunken gear is going to cut it anymore.
When AO drops, it’ll probably be really easy to get a few off of lost spell scrolls before they drop in value.


:neutral_face: ha ha ha

Not surprised I already knew this was gonna happen. Justified or not headless will always increase in value by the day.

I don’t think it’s a value thing, I just think the few amount of active people on the forum who have a headless at this point have already done all their short term trading (like theoretical said) and everyone is going long-term now, that or people want sunken swords idk

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Nobody who has a headless is even active anymore and wom is kinda dead so i dont think its fair to say that headless is valued THAT high

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Yh plus the majority of active people who do have headlesses are ““known”” traders, whom of which are known for hogging headlesses prior to the drought anyway

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Headless (Rarest shit in game ; Always growing) - cant be acquired at any time of the year
Sunken (Rare shit ; ???) - can be acquired at any time of the year + Pity system in AO

vetex said lost and ancient spell scrolls would only be obtainable after your second awakening. At the first AO release we only get the first awakening.

Youre getting confused with lost and ancient magic scrolls

One guy offered a clean sunken sword for my headless, that prob tells a lot about the value

Idek why headless is so pricey I dont keep up with values of items, I have a sunken helmet just sitting in my inventory idk what to do with it

Yes and due to that lack of headlesses in circulation rn it’s value will always increase.

Doesn’t matter about it’s real value, at the end of the day demand controls the marketplace.

Not rlly, there’s a difference between something being SUPER high value and people just being unwilling to trade an item, imo I just think at this point of time we’ve hit a brick wall, no one is able to persuade anyone to trade their headlesses and no one is willing.

Also if it were the case that the headless just suddenly tripled in value, it still wouldn’t add up, since seriously there’s been a few extremely desperate people offering crazy amounts (far far more than a SSS) for one yet still no luck

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Oh definitely, I still think it’s base value is SSS. What I mean is that as less people are willing to trade their headless, the demand rises, which leads to the potential of an overpay. Once that demand dies down then it will returns back to its base value. In this case, I don’t think so especially since headless is unobtainable.

True, i think rn it’s hard to value items because no one is willing to trade anything except sunken pieces.

On AO release headless wil double of not triple in value for sure tho,

  1. Sunken guaranteed catch at 3k fish
  2. More people in the community = circulation
  3. People will be willing to cash in since most people with headless quit till AO
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Ohhh ic what u meant, though its already happening, just no one’s capitalized on it yet

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not me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: