How headless is the rarest item in game




untrue, rarest item in the game is a dull and poor defense amulet equipped at the same time. I’d say something like casting speed dull and poor but I fear that literally no one has that.

Technically no because that’s plural

Ok, the rarest item is one of those items happening to be equipped at the same time as the other. Singularly

I wonder what a headless head will be worth once the game finishes. I have 2. Once Primordial scrolls come out, their value will steadily decline. While the headless head’s value steadily increases constantly as more and more fall out of circulation. I guess that means eventually I can get a Primordial scroll with my extra headless head at some point.

Please Vetex don’t implement any duplication glitches. I am begging you. The headless head value will be destroyed.

I dont think anyone would trade a primordial magic for a comestic
Unless they are some hardcore player and have some spare i guess

People don’t care about how useful items are. People only care about how rare they are. Look at any game with a good economy. Look at the TF2 hat economy.

Right, i guess you have a point there

Why was this flagged :fr:


Dw primordials are never gonna be as common as headless heads assuming they’re actually gonna stay the rarity of legendary scrolls(Vetex said that in 2019 though).

There are around 6000 headless heads in circulation. Over time, that number will go down as old players quit. But, Primordial scrolls will be obtainable. That means, over time, more and more primordial scrolls will be added to circulation. That is why headless heads are destined to be worth more than primordial scrolls.

Sure, it’ll take around 5 years though, by then grinding for it would’ve just been better

As of rn in wom ye thats true. But i do think usefulness will be very important in the future when theres more quality sets/weapons out there.

well, its the final premium of the first event of the game before it get revamped, and got some value for being a item that cut you off you head
its only flex material tho

high value flex material tho :fr:
also if u got one gib yes :nod:

Well, I previously had that after the update made you no longer able to equip multiple. But swapped it cause shitty enchantments.

Didnt most of those 6k people do it more than once tho?