How long have you been waiting for AO?

With Arcane odyssey coming out in a month I figured I’d do a poll to see how long people have been waiting for the game to come out.

  • A couple of months
  • Around a year
  • Around 2 years
  • Ever since the Total game revamp was announced

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i started playing in summer of 2020 but forgot about the game for a while until november, around the same time I found out that TGR was happening


not even 1/4th of the amount of time i wait for Mega Man X: Corrupted to release


How long have you been waiting for it?

10 years
and i know it’s not abandoned cause there’s still development updates even 14 years after the first one
(i’m not kidding the most recent update was 8 days ago)

Oh that would suck waiting for a game for that long.
Hope it comes out soon!

damn I feel old, I’ve been waiting since it was announced, I was about 13-14 when it was announced

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Bro same,time sure does fly by

Technically I’d been waiting for WoM to update ever since its last update (stopped playing it for months after the guilds update) but I didn’t know what TGR or AO were until near the end of 2021. So I guess I’ve been waiting over 2 years for a WoM update and over a year for AO

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a few months before however old this account is i guess

I remember playing WoM every day after school until I got to level 60, then the day after I got to level 60 the level cap was raised and I quit for a bit for some reason? But I played a tiny bit around the Halloween update but didn’t get any of the items, and before I knew it TGR was announced.

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It has truly been an Arcane Odyssey.
I aged at least two times waiting for TGR

So that meant I was like 11 and I aged to 13 :sob:


since right about now, 2021

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:sleeper: since it was announced but i went into hibernation for like 10 months and only checked up every once in a while, time passes faster when you aren’t actively thinking about it I guess

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I’ve been in the community since Adventure Story first came out, and WoM had been an off-and-on thing, but I liked it as a game. When I heard about that revamp, I’d been waiting on it ever since and now here we are just a month away from it.

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since AA died , i was ben waiting.

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Its… it’s been so long.
I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun. The King has abandoned us… only 12 remaining. Soon, we will die…

I’ve been in this hole for decades, living on his words…
“Arcane Odyssey? Soon.”

Ever since we heard our world will be exterminated, many people ended their lives in horror. But our powerful, great King led us to safety. The Total World Revamp shouldn’t reach us here, right…?

But the King abandoned us. He went with almighty Vetex to the world of Arcane Odyssey… leaving us to rot…

I swear, King Cryonical. If I survive this horrible situation… I WILL find you… and I will KILL you.




it feels a lot longer than it really was. somehow i remember playing wom in the summer when it released, but the evidence (oldest screenshots i could find) shows that my brother was level 50 in september of 2021. i was on my first file.
so, i joined the party a year late. i might have actually played wom before, as i do remember the level cap being 60 and unlocking beam after the update (forgot which one) and i did actively participate in the guild and storyline updates, but i dont know the dates for them so ehh
started being active in the community after learning about ao, around october of 2021.

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