How long should my writing be?

I’m writing a thing and wondering how long I should write before release

  • 650 words
  • 800 words
  • 1000 words
  • 5000(I don’t think anyone is reading that much but you cant be too sure)

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Give yourself approximately 3 episodes of buffer before releasing.

@Robotstics used to write about 700 words per episode, but he’s way past that now. It’s a good place to start. So that would mean around 2000 words before release.

I write 1.4k words per episode on average (back when I wrote) because I’m special.

the sweet spot for me is around 1000-1500 words

maybe 800 if you’re feeling a bit down when you’re writing

you’ve graduated past 700 :sob: I feel proud

yeah back when i first started to write i had trouble trying to make 1000 word quota

nowadays it isn’t that hard since i’ve learned better techniques (haha thanks danny special)

do you have a complete file for all of the story or do you make a new doc every time?
Like, is there a way for you to tell how long Ultimatum is total now?

teach me the forbidden ways

i make a new doc every time

since i suck at formatting, I just get the last meatum, copy that doc, erase all of the writing there and keep the formatting (chapters, title, etc)

dam we can’t compare well once you get past 20k we can celebrate or smth

simply put…

be as descriptive as you can

milk the scenery and characters for all their worth

what is the setting like? where are the characters right now? what are they thinking or feeling?

remember the cardinal rule of writing: show, don’t tell.

you’re reminding me of me rn and it’s a very uncanny feeling

you rub off on me (you are a bad role model)

I am the worst of role models (do you know I gave up on Knight Errant after the second episode and was just writing out of habit at that point)

on the other hand I did get firestorm up to 22k words and 111 pages so

of course when you do this too often it gets in the way of the actual plot

use this strat with caution

I have no idea. I just write until the chapter feels “complete”.

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Yeah I kinda have a general idea of how far I want the chapter to go.