How many boss drops do you have in WoM?

How many boss drops do you have
  • None
  • 5 or less
  • 5-10
  • 10-25
  • 25-50
  • 50-100
  • 100+

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Personally I don’t have a lot, i think I have a woj and a couple pieces of armor

Mostly traded my drops for seasonals

Can you make it so you can see who voted what, i did 100+ i wanna see who else

collectively over all my files its more than 100. Don’t know how many in total. I’ll count later.

121 iirc still trying to get to 150 before AO drops. Unlikely but I am somewhat kind of determined.

Oh,im having so much :male_sign:DROPS BOSS!:male_sign:
Well,:male_sign:FLARE :male_sign: ,we re just getting :male_sign:FISHING!:male_sign:
Oh, i love you, FORUM!

i have a collection of boss drops from trading a bad ench sunken for

most are weapons


i dont remember how many boss drops i have on main character lol

Fighting the bosses is somewhat fun and it’s just a goal, something to do while waiting for AO. One of many things. Not a huge priority for me atm though.

Are you going to do anything with them before ao drops cause currency?

Just hold onto them. I don’t mind the free money.

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