How many Halloween items do you have?

Exactly as the title says.

I surely got over 50 as of right now.

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still trying to get the fishing ones (fishing is garbag) and i have multiple dupes

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i have 200 i think

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How (ten chars)

dang i need to step up my game…

too many to count

The real question.
How inflated will these things be once we are able to trade them?
thingyy would probably inflate the economy single handedly if he decides to trade

I think I have 20 tops, but I don’t have all the different ones, I’m missing the ones from quests because I’m too lazy to talk to the NPCs.

the items with colour variations will probably be worth quite a lot since it’s difficult to get the exact colour you want. as for things like the pumpkin fedora though i doubt the price will go up for a while

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give me more pumpkin fedoras :hungry: