How many sunken helmets does it take

As a question, how many clean sunken helmets would it take to get a clean sunken sword?

roughly 4 would be good
tho i doubt anyone would accept that simply because why would you want 4 clean sunken helmets

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Me and my friend have the curse of only catching sunken helmets, we are trying our best

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I got a similar curse but for WoJs. It feels like they are half my exiled drops.

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atleast theyre good for downgrading into boss drops

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so 4 sunken helms = ss
and 4 strong oathkeepers = sunken helmet (???)

roughly 4 ye but not more than that
so 3.6-4 clean sunken helms

2-3 depending on who youre trading with. Some traders value a clean sunken helm at 2 strong oaths and others at 3
but its closer to 2 than to 3 tbh since people are starting to realise that sunkens helms are gonna be basically useless and valueless in ao whilst oaths atleast have a chance of being somewhat valuable

for a hard ss imo

imo thats a pretty hefty overpay for a hard ss rn. Tho with it turning into bursting in ao i can see why. And nobody really wants sunken helms either so thats fair

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