How much are July items worth?

Ofc July items are doodoo trash value but I’m wondering what a set of them would be worth
Or like how much 10 sets of them would be worth.

Not a whole lot imo. I wasn’t around when they came out, I believe I was taking a break from the game but idk. You could literally just go and buy them though which makes their value pretty damn low. Halloween items had to be hunted for in three different ways while for the Independence Day items you, again, just went to a shop and bought them. On top of that they don’t even look good to most players, or maybe I’m just crazy and it’s a consensus that they’re rockin’. Event items mainly have worth due to their vanity which it offers very little. The only redeeming aspect they have is they were the first event items which does put some value to it but honestly the other two things, especially the accessibility of it, easily taking that value back.

So overall I’d say they’re more valuable than some more basic items like hunting armor or a Vistarian (I know I spelled that wrong) bracelet. Imo they’re worth about the same if not a bit more than wizard gear, clean. Just my opinion though and other more experienced people might differ with me on this.

crowns were heavily duped then using files, and people used the crowns to buy a lot of them so that fucked up its value

I’d say that they’re will be valuable when vetex announces a release date,
basically cause we know that these items are s tier in terms of making ripoffs so when a new wave of players join the game this items demand (hopefully) rises