How much HP do most mages have

I c ppl with 1.8k hp and do 250 dmg
so what’s average HP of current end-game players(and mages)

btw i have 1.4k hp and do 200 dmg

im guessing around 1k-1k5

My mage runs 1.6k health and does 205 damage per drill blast

My half-built mage has about 1.4k but I haven’t gotten cernyx robes on it yet.

i think i have 1.6k health with my max attack speed build, i’d have to check to make sure tho

Shadow mages can have 1.3k hp and deal 300 per blast with aura.

turns out i just barely don’t have 1.5k hp

What gear?

idk, he was warrior.

Oh I thought that was a mage

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