How much is a sunken sword worth?

Would a full set of armour be equal to a sunken sword? How about a strong?

Your SOUL!


Uh, I can tell you right now that even 10 boss items wont get you one.

They’re really expensive.

Someone tried to trade 11 boss items for my strong sunken and I had to explain how rare a strong sunken was :fr:

4 clean oathkeepers for a clean sunken sword

Sounds like a scam. Maybe. Depends who’s getting the sunken sword and their circumstances :man_shrugging:

I have 4 clean vastiras lol.

This trade is theoretical

thinking if i should put my sunken sword up for auction now. Is 2 any enchantment execpt strong oathkeeper worth it?

Strong oath is the highest value boss drop as of right now, so technically anything that isn’t it within the boss drops category is not worth it

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