How much speed does bronze framing give?

i currently use swift wooden hull which gives 12 speed

i think it has 7 base speed?
i want to know how much base speed the bronze hull has, and the other stats as well if u know them

also whats the cannons that gives the least speed resistance, and are there enchants that can descrease speed resistance?

i dont think bronze framing gives speed at all iirc, just wooden hulls and variants of it

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arcanium cannons with -5 speed, and speed resistance enchant would be resilient i think

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for cannons?

interesting, i saw in the comments of a yt vid that bronze framing was used for max speed

lmao some dude said ‘usain boat’

if youre talking about enchants that makes cannons give less speed debuff then no i believe

nooo no more infinite speed with fun shooting things

You can still eliminate the speed debuff with two speed deckhands tho

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