How much to trade for a strong / swift SS?

I can trade a keen sunken helm, swift oath, hard vastira, keen exiled chest, nimble exiled leggings, and a mino chest. As well as a bunch of non-boss drops as well, but people won’t want those eh?

At this point I’m just tired of getting leather armor from loot bags.
(I’d be attempting to buy a sunken sword in shops but I can’t post there)

Tbh, it’s probably not enough but I tried.

Ouch. You’ll need a lot more than a bad enchant sunken helm and bad enchant boss drops to get a strong / swift SS.

Also replace “buy” with “trade for” in your title, since people assume you’re trying to buy it with crowns.


Yeah I assumed that. I am the king of trash enchants.
Thanks though.

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I will however, continue to add to my endless pile of shit. To the point where my pc can’t handle opening my inventory and I am forced to trade my items if I want to change my gear.



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