How much will the compensation for boss items be?

So i wanted to keep my items in AO and im nervous that i wont get good compensation from them.

I’m expecting them to be around 250-500 galleons, really don’t know though.


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It’s supposed to be something thats equal or of more value than the boss drops, so it could honestly be anything. Definitely wouldn’t be galleons though

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It’s galleons

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NoOoooOoooOoO :sob::scream::cold_sweat::confounded::tired_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::pleading_face::exploding_head::melting_face::face_vomiting:

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no. its tokens which can be sold for galleons. Since crowns are being wiped from your inventory.

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we don’t know
boss items will turn into trinket sorta items, which will be worth a good amount but have no use other than being sold, but we don’t know how much they’ll sell for exactly

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It’s like a ritualistic sacrifice but in a wholesome and inviting way


into the amalgam

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