How should I promote my guild

I’m thinking about making a guild, but don’t know how to promote it. What should I do?

wait for AO


That’s in like november tho

guilds now are useless, members now will be useless new gens have no idea what they’re doing

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almost everyone who’s competent isn’t fucking with guilds until AO, since infamy is getting reset

example of new gens not knowing what they’re doing. 30 hours. level 12. Tyrant rep. thought the game was a roleplaying game

bro that’s a level every two hours wtf

Bruh do people actually think that.

yeah I ran into them when I was looking for a potential cheater

You think he’d fit into Fallen Guardians?

I’m sure Taru is always looking for new members pepelaugh

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But it IS a roleplaying game though
You roleplay as a wandering bum and kill randos for money


More like March.

but it’s not?

Meh, it depends. I treat the game as both just a game and roleplay. A few people like me like roleplaying (And making characters) in games like this

It’s a roleplay game if people wished to be furries

dude couldn’t even beat Spearbreakers he’s probably in Adopt Me rn

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Did you know that dude is in college? Such a weirdo bro fr


I’m more civil at the age of four in contrast to his behavior in the Fallen Guardian’s thread

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Laughs in Robobitch Odyssey