How should I promote my guild

Arcana is now a real guild now :troll:

just kidding

I’m gonna be the best guild member if that existed
Just saying

I don’t know, but if we can get middle names in the revamp I’m naming myself Candice D Fit, cousin of Monkey D Luffy

Dont forget their mother!
Anya Mooth

Once suggestions re-open I’m actually gonna make one similar to that, wanna work on it together? I might put it as an “idea”

reject suncry, become arcana :troll:

It’s not a pvp game either but people like to pvp, just let people do what they want with the game

Possibly, I may be able to think of something too

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Ill pm u my discord, note i wont be active for a while on dizzy

I also have to be somewhere in 15 minutes, after that I won’t be on long


I think my tag will be obvious, also I sent rq