How strong would primordial magic be in-game?

I know we’re we fairly far from primordial magics being added, but how powerful would they be in-game realistically? Could they destroy a whole town in a single hit?

why would we have god like powers (not like aa was gonna give us godlike powers"

also yeah they probably would destroy a mountain or some shit

They would have to be very powerful so magic users could actually defeat the final boss.

Pretty strong but not as strong as poison

so true :handshake:

Impossible to know as of rn

“So random god #4593 how would you like all of your attacks to be nullified by my ancient magic zone spell?”

making the final boss so strong that you need something rare as heck to defeat doesnt sound like a very good idea to me


Stay wise they’ll most likely base line be stronger that base and lost magics. But they are also some of the most unique magics boasting special effects. While some will just be massive damage (most likely my beloved equinox but I can hold out hope for a new effect as well) others require strategy to be used effectively (I’m assuming)

You lik- love Equinox, I love Darkness, does someone here love Aether ?

Shatter magic supremacy

Darkness Magic supremacy you mean

Darkness is one of the best losts ill give you that

Ofc it is the best Lost, it’s also the best Magic

probably primordial/ancient will be 7-15 times more powerful than normal magic (im not sure how powerful they are) because they are very very VERY rare, probably gonna be able to destroy whole town in a single hit (apocalypse magic for sure gonna be able to do that)

Idk really

A legendary weapon from AR 1.1v