How to get free infamy and xp in tgr

  1. Buy a boat
  2. Name it anime is bad
  3. Wait for weebs to see you and attack you
  4. Free xp and infamy

Inb4 they come at you with a fleet of frigates

spell spam mate

Weeb likely has no outside life is they get angry at someone saying that

no outside life > 600 hours

600 hours of pvp and fishing

you die

Tbh when tgr happens the starter island will be a warzone between guilds


Weebs probs spend a shit ton of hours on the game, ya you’re dead

“Finnaly a game where i can dramatticaly talk a spell before use it”

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you got that right

Better yet, name it “I love SunCry”.

Edit: Replied to a person not the post mb


literal skill issue

not a single person would spend that mich time in-game

josh cutlass: 2b4xxxzv_400x400


Hmm understand I do not

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