How to get generation 1 on AO

Vetex mentioned in the QnA that generations in AO will work differently to how they did in WoM, where every month = 1 generation
He also said that depending on which one of his games you played you would get an earlier generation.
For this reason I believe everyone who owns this badge [Welcome to Arcane Adventures! - Roblox]
will get the earliest generation possible, which does quite literally nothing except prove you’re an OG

gen 1 is online fighting

No, only the beta badge from aa gets you a generation, and even then, the online fighting badge is the oldest

Gen 1 - OF
Gen 2 - AA Beta
Gen 3 - WoM OT
Gen 4 - WoM Release
Gen 5 - AO

the sad life of being a gen 4 despite playing AA

oh i thought online fighting wasnt part of the arcane universe

yeah i played aa too but im still gonna be gen 4 :pensive:

  • Generation 1 (Online Fighting - Welcome to Online Fighting badge 2014-2015)
  • Generation 2 (Arcane Adventures - Beta Player 2016-2017)
  • Generation 3 (World of Magic - Open Test 1-4 2019-2020)
  • Generation 4 (World of Magic - World of Magic Player 2020-2021)
  • Generation 5 (Arcane Odyssey - Welcome to Arcane Odyssey 2021+)

There was going to be a gen between what’s currently 2nd and 3rd. This gen would have been the regular AA players who didn’t play the beta. This gen was scrapped though when Vetex noticed AA was still open and anyone could get the badge he would have used to detect if anyone played AA. Either way I qualify for all the gens so let’s go.

Im only Gen 3 :frcryin: