How to make a burgr

So in some other previous post Burgr stated that making a burgr and putting a smile and eyes on it was close on how to make a burgr so time to break it down

So assuming this process was close then I am guessing it has to be made by a professional chef and the better the chef the stronger the burgr as proven when burgr stated he was made by gromrom gramsey which is why he is one of the strongest users on the forum up there with WAX (though not close) so here is my guess on how to make a burgr

Step:1 get a professional slap preferably a famous chief like gromrom gramsey or foffy blay

Ngl he makes snacks and looks like a snack anyway

Step:2 get the ingredients, much simple

Step:3 Shock it with lightning, this may be hard as Wom has proved Zeus has no balls and won’t STRIKE ME DOWN but if you can do it then you will get a burgr so all is good

There we go my take on how to make a burgr also my conspiracy theory that this burgr supreme was a new secret burgr made by gromgrom gramsey using the krabby patty secret formula making it stronger than burgr. Anyway I gotta leave before some mod strikes me down for defiling Burgr

Skhan2587-Please end my suffering

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Dr Skhan2587