How will Lost and Ancient fighting styles differentiate from the basic ones?

With magic, it’s very clear how ancient magic and lost Magic’s either have interesting gimmicks or are stronger versions of the base Magic’s, but how will fighting styles differentiate themselves? I don’t think they will be stronger base styles since those are already just a gimmick, not much to upgrade from there. I mean impact fist was already op so if that is basic, how strong will lost and ancient styles be?

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I’m sorry, oh great one, for wishing too discuss the game in which this forum is made for.


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Well, currently we dont know anything.We can only theorise.
Personally i think that there will be same idea as with magic: “basic > lost > ancient” both in power and idea/visual.

Theorizing is great! It’s why I visit this forum every day. I am assuming you meant to have basic less than lost instead of greater than, which I would agree with. I’m just wondering how Vetex will approach making the lost and ancient fighting styles stronger.

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I was thinking the ancient fighting styles might be heavily tied to magic in some way. I know you can already infuse magic into fighting styles if you choose the warlock build, but I can’t think of another way to really make ancients so much stronger.

Even more spicy punching

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Probably more creative versions of fighting styles. Not just “will” creating shiny white ball or shockwave. Probably maybe even using other sources for the fighting style.

Here’s an example.
Gale Fist: Punch the air so fucking hard the air shakes and sends a gust towards the target. Big Knockback and AoE with slow charge. More damage the closer you are to opponent.
Does it make sense? No. Is it supposed to? No. Why didn’t you put more effort into this? Fuck you that’s why.


I think thats a really dope idea dude. Just the right amount of effort.

Lost and Ancient fighting styles

I don’t know, but I hope there’s one based on wrestling.
He probably won’t add it, but I can dream.

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That actually does sound cool. Would also be really good to have a ton of grab moves so they can’t fire off magic on you.

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And that is why, I really want warlock. Imagine someone charging at you with promethean fire fists, that give you different status effects every time you get hit.


I feel like wind radius fist, explosion impact fist, and light/lightning flash fist will be the meta for a lot of people early on

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Lightning flash fist scares me

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Yeah… that’s definitely not what I’m going to use…

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the addition of ancient fighting styles marks the day impact fist makes its grand return