How would y'all feel if PVP was just removed from the game entirely?

I’m pretty indifferent to it tbh but I’ve seen a lot of strong opinions on both sides and I want to hear what people would think if PVP was just completely taken out of the game.

bad idea, pvp can still be fun

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it would probably kill the game. think about it, after you beat all of the bosses and npcs, the story, etc., what else is there left to do?

player count drops
needs a shit ton of content and replayability

I get the idea, but I can think of things you can still do now without PVP and there will be a whole lot more things to do once development is much farther along. When it comes to things you can do now post story rn not even counting the dark sea, theres a decent amount of replayability right now with the different stat builds and magics. Maybe I’m only speaking for myself here but I have a lot of fun with that and I do think a decent amount of other people do too.

I do agree that the player count would probably drop a noticeable amount but to be perfectly honest I think y’all are really lowballing the replayability with the current state of pve

With the way that the npc AI works, the game would get boring extremely quick.
The reason I find pvp fun is because there’s actual variety in the playstyles, and there would also be no reason to “get good” at the game if you can just cheese every enemy by spamming self explosion pillar atop a cliff
I don’t think that Arcane Odyssey would actually feel like Arcane Odyssey without PvP, as the combat defines the game just as much as the story

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Plus, removing PvP would probably ruin the entire brewing system. Why create potions if I’m never gonna use them on anyone? They would be a huge waste to use it against a fortified pirate captain that I can kill in less than 30 seconds

PvP is the main reason why anyone continues to play after maxing out their build

I don’t really like pvp, but it’s a pretty big part of the game for a lot of people
Completely removing pvp would just make the game pretty boring, since you will probably never get attacked out of nowhere.

I can agree that PVP prevents keeps the game from getting stale, but those specific type of encounters typically only seem fun for one side

thing to rather do imo would instead of just outright removing pvp fully. remove it from main game, but then make it another game mode.

game dies so quickly

completely acceptable, i wont miss it.

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Id quit quit the game
If pvp was gone the game would lack so much of everything tbh

It’d free up room for some crazizer spells, but it’d piss off a lot of people. Like, I hate getting ganked too, but removing PVP entirely is not the solution

itd kill the game

Completely? Absolutely terrible idea. PVP can be fun. Consented duels are nice practice and make for a good pastime.

if this happened, i’m quitting AO

Removes replayability and a big reason why people even grind in the first place.