How's the speed of combat feel to you?

Just curious to see opinions on the speed of the game. Just because its one, it doesn’t mean its necessarily worse/better than the other.

  • Slow Paced
  • Medium Paced
  • Fast Paced

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I would say it is medium paced. You can cast attacks relatively quickly. However, the fact that casting a spell locks you in place slows down the pace considerably.

Speed of PvP is fine.

honestly it depends on the people fighting, some people like to tank hits and chip away at health with self explosions and sunken sword, and some people like to go all in and blast until their magic energy is depleted

it’s the variety of different playstyles and how they can (usually at least) thrive in their own ways that makes wom more interesting then a lot of other pvp focused roblox games

I think that’s the only reason I voted fast paced. This is my playstyle ://

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Speed is very speedy because I’m using paper

lemme tell you
its all about teh ping
yes, TEH ping

ah yes ping

heck ping

If only… I can wipe out a dude 2/4 hp like in AA…

I believe fighting against a person without sunken is either medium or fast-paced but god damn those sunken spammers slow it down to a halt.

Where is the “I run away from every fight” option