Huge drawing im doing as a tribute to all wom guilds before the guild wipe

As of current. I wanna do something cool for all the guild leaders that managed to get on leaderboard.

I’ll be getting each ones main one by one.

Current ones:
Suncry leader

Acquire Leader

Helios Leader

Will be doing the same to everyone else unfortunatly I dont have their main slot yet. Once I get all 20. Albeit some wont be included and some will. I’ll get to the studio.

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Now we got arcane maids

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I have double runs main thanks to his header.


Im pretty sure I have an idea on what sebis avatar is.

Same goes for onyx


And here’s mine for future reference.

Arcane maids is still on lb?


where am i :rage:
i made armada and the cult leader of Ina Dubs and the founding council member of Futagang

do guilds that USED to be on lb but fell count

Arcane maids really drained tigerbaby to -99 infamy

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Im adding noble up there. Creed and Noble will be next to Vetex

vetexgames - Azure Sorcery, but you might wanna remove the halloween hat since he usually doesn’t wear it but i dont have any other pics
NobleSymphony - Noble Phantasm & Noble Inquisiton

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is gonna be cool asf.

Don’t forgot tigerbaby!!! The best pvper in wom!!!

I am actually the leader of suncry not apoc

Bro I owned 2 guilds both got 21# place then had to die cause of someone blatantly alt farming and the second time guild glitch

massive F moment. @DeltaPoint add him yes.

LucyanaPlaysRoblox69 (left, former leader) and Notoriety_King1 (right, current mainZ leader, also ples remove sunken boots thanks) - Scavenger League, ah I remember the glory days when it was 8th on guild leaderboard

he’s only doing current leaderboard guilds

Hm? It says managed to get on leaderboard, not is currently on it

I think you know what he means