Human wizards are overrated, I present you the "Plasma Gorilla"

Monke defend jungle


*gorilla noises


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Heavy Roblox John gorilla noises

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True power. "
World of Magic"? More like, “World of Apes”.

Great work, Greenevvo. :+1:

Reject modernity; return to monke.

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He’s too strong for this world.

Thanks now reject humanity to join monke

proceeds to destroy the silent tower*

Funky monkes still alive

monkeys in wom be like

I swear I saw this months ago


Giant plasma beam shoots out of Gorilla

What happens when the gorilla fucks up and he burns down the jungle with plasma

He prays to the sun god to regrow it

new wom boss comfirme?1!!11!11!1

You travel on your sky skates to the island, this should be where that Pirate Captain who has been causing trouble should be. Their name is Verdies. You land on the grass and look in the air, and you see someone or something floating in the air, you can sense their plasma magic energy.

“This must be Verdies,” you think. You fire a blast of magic at it.

Next to you lays the dead body of Verdies, and as you look closer at the plasma speck in the air, you hear a ear-piercing sound. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

At mach 200 plasma gorilla flies towards you and destroys the Earth.

oh my god oh my god oh my god

This is beautiful lol

Harambe is back from the dead and he is pissed

Plasma Monke

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