I am ferdinand von aegir

I am ferdinand von aegir

(I am ferdinand von aegir)

Hello, ferdinand von aegir.

I am ferdinand von aegir to meet you

I am in fact, not ferdinand von aegir, but I am also pleased to meet you as well.

hallo Deutschland reich?

Depends on if youre buddy buddy with edelgard or not. (Of course, she is still vastly inferior to myself, ferdinand von aegir)

this is german right?

Fire emblem three houses (ferdinand von aegir)


I, ferdinand von aegir, got fe3h over the holidays and now i am (ferdinand von aegir) suffering
from severe withdrawal

yea i think we should stop this now

oh god they are at it again

You are in fact Ferdinand con aegir.
Ferdinand is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses . He is a student at the Officers Academy who hails from the Adrestian Empire and is a member of the Black Eagles. He possesses a Minor Crest of Cichol, and is 17 years old at the start of the game.

Ferdinand is the eldest son and heir of House Aegir, which has held the office of the prime minister of the Adrestian Empire for centuries. When he was 9 years old, his father, Ludwig, seized power in the Insurrection of the Seven, rendering Emperor Ionius IX politically impotent. He is very proud of his family’s status as high-class nobility, but clashes with his father about what nobility actually is and means.

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Ferdinand is a confident and proud noble that hates losing. He is fiercely competitive, in particular with Edelgard. He strives to be Edelgard’s better, as he believes that will prove his worth as a capable prime minister to assist her in her rule as Emperor. Over time, however, Ferdinand comes to accept that Edelgard is and always will be better no matter how much effort he applies. While saddened at this, he does not let it discourage him and wishes to continue improving for his own sake.

He does not have a high opinion on his father; although he values the hard work he does as Prime Minister (even stating that it was a shame he was stripped of his title), he does not agree with his father’s views, finding it to be disgraceful. In one of his conversations with Lorenz, he believes that they should cross the threshold and see life from a commoner’s perspective, as many nobles and commoners have distorted views of one another. However, as while he will readily admit his father is greedy and arrogant and deserved to die, he’s also conflicted with Edelgard imprisoning him after she becomes empress and mourns his death.

In situations where others take issue with Ferdinand’s regard for his own lofty status, he is quick to assess himself and works to understand what he had done wrong, always striving to improve. This is particularly demonstrated in his support conversations with Dorothea, who, due to her own past hostile experiences with the noble class, is quick to judge Ferdinand as being no better. Rather than take umbrage with her scorn, he instead works hard to decipher why she is hostile toward him and to improve their understanding of each other while remaining respectful to her.

Ferdinand, as the future Prime Minister, believes that the best thing he can do as one of Edelgard’s advisers is to speak frank advice when he believes Edelgard could choose a better course of action, and challenge her to improve herself. This brings him into conflict with Hubert, who believes that Edelgard’s will is absolute and that the ends justify the means no matter how unethical. They frequently argue over this, but they do have a begrudging respect for each other.

Ferdinand is also somewhat vain and oblivious, a trait that makes Linhardt’s veiled insults go right over his head in their support chain, taking them as earnest praise. He also has difficulty understanding nobles who reject their status, such as Marianne, which causes him to overstep her boundaries. He does however display strong introspection upon this happenstance and puts in the effort to understand her perspective on the matter, apologizing to her afterwards, similar to his supports with Dorothea.

Perhaps as part of his interpretation of nobility, Ferdinand tends to avoid contractions when he speaks.

Ferdinand likes horseback riding, tea, justice, being noble, animals, children, and heights. He dislikes slothfulness, and nobles who are not noble.

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POV: you are ferdinand von aegir

Oh no.


another generic anime swordsman


I am ferdinand von aegir