I am Leandre Drake, Sider of whatever I deem just

Yo. I’m mostly in this game for the role-play opportunities…
ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ᴵ ˢᵘᶜᵏ ᵃᵗ ᵖᵛᵖ
Like I said I mainly play a character named Leandre Drake descendent of bandits yet vigilante for good.

now some may find my constant roleplaying annoying. And I don’t blame them it probably gets annoying but it’s how I get enjoyment out of this game so I’ll be damned if I don’t do it.

He’s a black ink mage perhaps calling back to his generally evil inclined lineage. And he uses his magical abilities to atone for his family’s previous wrongdoings by protecting those not gifted with magical power.

finally since I’ve got nowhere else to put it
Somethings up with the magic council and he doesn’t trust em for anything.

and that about wraps it up.

sorry for the wall of text making characters is kinda what I do in my spare time and I’ve got plenty of that right now.

Man, you deserve roleplayer role.

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Thanks but isn’t that board more based off of creative writing? I’m certainly not a writer of any kind.

What type of roleplay are you interested in?

I just love making characters and playing them out. Be it in a video game pen and paper game, or on stage. It’s good for my mind I guess.

I suppose that’s why my dream would be to set up a small guild of also role-play minded do gooders

That’s cool, I wish you luck in creating such a guild. Just know that not everyone will react positively and you will be met with negativity (most likely).

I don’t mean one of those massive ones more like a group of like minded vigilantes

Oh, I see then. Whatever you’re into man, I’m not here to judge but to have fun with in my own guild. I personally think WoM can fit anyone’s playstyle, there’s just a lot of people who think otherwise.

Yeah the way I see it world of magic is a vessel for role-play with some pretty ok pvp mechanics tacked on
(not saying they’re bad just saying I can get my magical pvp fix elsewhere)

I’m takin like that one guild in SAO that was introduced in an episode and then promptly died thereafter small

pardon the reference to bad anime

Yeah I see what you mean, sounds interesting.

obviously something like this couldn’t really exist before the update that adds guilds unless you and some friends got pretty coordinated

You should consider joining a guild first to get a good idea of what it’d be like. If you’re interested in joining the one I’m in I can allow it, you seem like a swell guy.

wow thanks! As long as there are no string attached when decide to leave I’d be down (or at least minimal)

Yeah don’t worry, guilds won’t be out yet in a while so we don’t mind our members looking out for other guilds. I’m sure you’ll find our community a nice place, feel free to add my discord: Jasono17#2360

alright thanks as well for pointing me to the guild discord.